Why Water Is Important For Weight Loss

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Why Water Is Important For Weight Loss

Many people believe that there is a direct correlation between increased rates of water consumption and losing weight. One study reports that approximately half of US adults attempt to lose weight by increasing their daily water consumption (1). While there are weight loss benefits to drinking more water daily, simply drinking more water will not help you lose weight. However, regular exercise combined with increased water consumption can help to achieve a healthy body and promote weight loss. In this way, water is still an incredibly important part of stimulating weight loss. This article outlines several reasons why water is more important than exercise for weight loss.

Drinking Water Helps Burn Calories

importance of water

Drinking water has the ability to increase the number of calories you burn through a bodily process identified as resting body expenditure. Resting body expenditure is the amount of energy, usually expressed in food calories, required for a 24-hour period by the body during resting conditions (2). In adults, resting body expenditure was shown to increase within about 10 minutes of drinking half a liter of water. In another study, overweight women assessed what would happen to their weight if they increased their water consumption by a liter per day. They discovered that doing this over the course of a year caused about 4 pounds of additional weight loss. While these rates of weight lose are modest, there certainly is a correlation between drinking water and burning calories.

Drinking Water Can Reduce Appetite Prior to Meals

Many people believe that drinking water prior to eating a meal can reduce appetite and therefore cause them to eat less, allowing them to gain less weight. There is actually a significant amount of scientific proof behind this belief, especially evidence of middle age and older adults losing weight by drinking more water before meals. In one study, middle age overweight applicants who drank water prior to each of their meals lost more weight. This was compared to a group of applicants that failed to drink more water before meals. Another study found that drinking water in the morning before breakfast reduced the quantity of calories consumed during the meal. This evidence points to the fact that decreases in calorie intake eventually lead to weight loss, especially in middle age adults.

Drinking Water Can Reduced Calorie Intake and Lead to Less Weight Gain

Water itself is a naturally and calorie free beverage, and as a result, drinking it will not cause you to gain more calories. In fact, because water is calorie-free it has the ability to reduce calorie intake. Simply drinking water may not lead to a reduction of calorie intake, but if you replace water with other beverages you may see a positive result. Studies show those who drink mostly water – cutting out other beverages from their diet such as soda – have a lower calorie intake.  Drinking more water is also linked to preventing weight gain in the future. Generally, the average person gains about 3 pounds every 4 years due to certain bodily functions.

This amount can be decreased by:

  • Increasing daily water intake by a cup
  • Replacing other drinks with water

Advocating the replacement of sugary drinks with water is also important in preventing childhood obesity among adolescents. Children who drink more water than other beverages tend to live healthier and more active lives in their adolescence and middle age.

What is the recommended daily water consumption rate?

Numerous health and weight loss studies point to the recommended daily water consumption rate of eight glasses of water daily. However, this number is an average. Daily water consumption tends to rely heavily on the individual and their body’s health needs. For example, those who exert more physical energy and sweat on a regular basis may need to drink more water than the average daily rate to sustain healthy body functions.

There are also many food and beverages humans can get water from:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Based on many studies, drinking an average of eight glasses of water every day should be enough to help the body lose weight and maintain a healthy physique.

This is the amount of water you should drink daily in several measurements:

  • Liters: 1-2
  • Ounces: 34-67
  • Glasses: 4-8

Again, these numbers are simply a guideline of consumption rates that will lead to weight loss. Many people need more than these rates, while others would be fine drinking water below these rates. Nevertheless, there are no significant downsides to drinking more water on a daily basis, and to maintain an overall healthy physique and lifestyle it is important that you consume regular amounts of water daily.

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3 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism with Your Diet

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3 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism with Your Diet

If you are interested in fitness, it is guaranteed that you have come across ads proclaiming these magical supplements will dramatically increase your metabolism. A higher metabolism increases energy and as a result will burn more calories. These supplements in turn will cost a pretty penny. One way or another you are going to lose weight, whether it is from the high-priced supplements or your now serious lack of funds to buy food.

There are other ways to boost your metabolism without having to ingest questionable chemicals. Who wants to swallow pills or capsules for a bit more energy when you can’t even pronounce what is in them? Three simple ways are listed below that will leave your energy level high and create a leaner you without having to sacrifice your bank account.


A million Asian people can’t be wrong. Tea is incredible when it comes to the benefits of taking it daily. Really think about it. Tea has been a staple of the Asian culture for thousands of years. And besides sumo wrestlers, how many obese Asians do you see walking around? None! Either there aren’t any or the rest of the culture keeps them locked up.

There are two types of tea that stands out from the rest when speaking of increasing metabolism and focusing on stubborn body fat.

  • Green Tea

We all have heard how great green tea is for everyone. The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition completed a study and found that green tea extract increases metabolism by 4% in a 24 hour period. That equals to burning about an extra 70 calories a day. Many of those pricey supplements that were mentioned earlier contain green tea extract, they just charge you much more than if you skipped the middle man.

  • Oolong Tea

Think of oolong tea as a brother of green tea. Green tea is the more popular brother, getting the press and charming the world with its legendary attributes. However, oolong tea can be just as exciting. Sure, it may not have as many Twitter followers, but it can still pack a punch at increasing your metabolism. The polyphenol compound in oolong tea essentially activates enzymes in the body to control the metabolism of fat. It assists in controlling obesity.


The saying goes that you can’t out train a bad diet. This couldn’t be more true. Fitness is 75 percent of what you eat and 25 percent of your actual training. Protein is found mostly in meats, dairy, and nuts. Increasing the amount of protein you take in on a daily basis will enhance your metabolism.

Isn’t it amazing when eating a hamburger that you can be full after just one, but you could eat a whole bag of chips and cookies and still have room for more? Meat has the ability to make you feel full faster, and at a much lower caloric intake. Anyone that has taken a high school science class knows protein will build muscle if you are doing weight training. Increase your intake of protein, increase your muscle, increase your metabolism.

Gain Muscle

Last, but not least, is the most important and common sense way to increase your metabolism. Muscle burns calories even while resting. You can sleep and be burning calories! How great is that? The catch is that you have to acquire muscle gain through hard work.

As a trainer and brother to five sisters, I always hear women say they do not want to lift weights because they do not want to get all big and bulky. I always respond with a well thought out response. “WHAT???” Please tell me an easy way to get big and bulky because I have seen men and women working out in the weight room on almost a daily basis that if I ran into them on the street, I would never guess that they even worked out. It is difficult to get huge and ripped. It is relatively easy to get toned and defined if you are watching your diet properly and staying active.

The Big Finale

These three ways to increase your metabolism aren’t hard to follow. If keeping score, two of the ways is by subtly changing your diet. The other way is to become active more often with weight training. Pretty soon you will be receiving compliments on how your body has become much more toned with your energy level going through the roof.

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Crunches Vs. Planks: What’s the Best Way to Sculpt Six-Pack Abs?

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Crunches Vs. Planks: What’s the Best Way to Sculpt Six-Pack Abs?

Looking to get those abs looking good? There are many different programs and workouts out there that are promising you the best abs of your life.

The fact is, it all boils down to two main exercises. Incorporating the two may be your best bet, but if you don’t want to take the heat of both, find out which may be your better option by reading below.



The crunch is one of the most common abdominal exercises people know about to get your six pack you are dying for.

To do the crunch, you lay on the floor with your face up looking towards the ceiling.  The proper way to hold your hand is crossed over your chest, or behind your neck.

Pull yourself up, by curling your shoulders towards your pelvis. Be careful to use your core and not your hands to lift yourself, as you can cause injury to your neck if that’s where you decided to place your hands.

When you decide to do crunches, you will work out two major parts of your core:

  • Rectus abdominal muscles
  • obliques

Needless to say, crunches will help you gain a flatter, more sculpted stomach. Knowing how to do a crunch correctly is going to be a plus, because according to Elizabeth Quinn, and expert in Sports Medicine, most people DO NOT do crunches correctly.

Doing incorrect crunches is going to leave less than desired results and can lead to painful back problems.

Some of the best tips for crunches are:

  • Keep your chin off your chest. To make sure of this try putting your fist under your chin, to resist it dropping too low.
  • As said before, never pull your neck when doing a crunch.
  • Move slowly and in a continuous pattern as you do the crunch.
  • Exhale as you bend, and inhale as you lower yourself back to your starting position.

There are also different variations of the crunch you may also try when the basic crunch becomes relatively easy for yourself. These include but are not limited to:

  • Reverse crunches
  • Single leg raise crunches
  • Crunches with knees lifted
  • Pelvic tilts


planksPlanks are the ultimate challenge when it comes to pushing yourself, and one of the best ways to get the flat tummy you are looking for.

Traditional ab planks are the best ab exercises for getting a lithe midsection, a solid core, and a greater stance. To do this exercise you and the variations of this exercise check out this web page.

Unlike crunches that primarily work the rectus abdominal and oblique’s, planks work the transverse abdominals, which is the proper term for “inner abs”. The Transverse abdominals are the deepest gut layer and round horizontally about the midsection amid the hip bone and ribs. This muscle is invisible from the outside, unlike the rectus abdominals.

Working on building strong transverse abdominals will benefit you by sucking the midsection into a compact, slender and tight package, but won’t necessarily give you the sculpted abdominal six pack characteristics.

However, adding in different variations of the plank to your existing ab workout routine can provide you with the washboard abs you are looking for.

The five different variation plank exercises are:

  • One arm ab plank reaches
  • BOSU ball stability Planks (black side up)
  • Swiss ball decline planks
  • Knee to elbow planks
  • Extended Ab V planks

A surprising benefit from using planks as your choice of ab workouts is a reduction in back pain.  Strengthening your core is one reason. Another is because when you choose to do a plank you are limiting the amount of movement you are making. Therefore, helping your back.

You’ll also find a greater amount of flexibility in posterior muscle groups.

So, there you have it; The Crunch and The Plank. Which will you choose?

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Exactly How to Use Cheat Days to Lose More Weight

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Exactly How to Use Cheat Days to Lose More Weight

It’s the month of November, and the holidays are knocking on our door. We all love the food. The potatoes and gravy, the endless amount of salads and trimmings. All of us who diet call these cheat days.

We look at the food as we are filling our plates and think, “How much is this going to set me back?” Diets can fail fast.

Don’t get discouraged. There’s some really good news about these cheat days. They are going to help you lose more weight.

Scientific facts show that people gain less than one pound when the holidays come around, despite the average five-pound rumor you hear about. The truth of the matter is the average weight gain during holidays is only one pound.

That’s right one. One measly pound; And for those who diet, that one pound can mean a lot. So here are some tips to help you not gain, but lose during the festive seasons.

  • Starch

Starch isn’t a bad thing for your body. Certain foods you cook is going help turn carbs into resistance starch. Resistant starch is a fiber-like ingredient that your body will not digest.

As starch passes through your body, it inhabits space in your stomach, filling you up. You will eat less this way.

To do this process cook potatoes pasta and rice and then allow them to cool completely.

  • Mashing the Taters

You usually mash potatoes using milk and butter, which is added ingredients that are not going to help keep the pounds off. Instead of trying to do this, use a nifty gadget called the Smood.

Yes, this utensil is going to stop you from reaching for the butter and milk. The shape and design allow you to get a smooth creamy mashed potato without the add-ins. You can find the utensil here.

With the coil design as the smood, you will not need to use as much force to make a creamy, lump free mashed potato as other handheld mashers you may come across.

  • Bread

The big carb loader discussion is bread. Wheat is healthier and less sugary and better for you, but if you really want that white piece; freeze it first, then drop it in the toaster. The glycemic index will be lowered by nearly fifty percent.

If you are going to use butter with bread, try finding a low trans-fat butter with minimal calories such as I can’t believe it’s not butter or Bluebonnet soft spread.

  • Out with the cans

Canned food may taste good, but all canned food is processed food. Processed food is more likely to turn to glucose as it breaks down in your body, and glucose is sugar.

Sugar is a big no-no when you are on the diet train. At least, you will be processing more sugar in your body than you realize.

Canned foods, especially veggies, may have some nutritious value, but it’s not enough to call it the best option.

If you are trying to lose weight, better off just to skip by these. Even the veggies. Frozen or fresh is the healthiest options you can come across.

Regardless of what you find on your plate when you eat, try not over-eat. Maintain your portion control, and limit one piece of dessert. Yummy dessert. Who doesn’t love a piece of pie or cake once in a while?

It’s okay to indulge sometimes, and it’s a better way to enjoy the holiday. Happy holidays everyone and make sure you take your healthy eating into the new year, setting new and improved goals for yourself.

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The Best Strength Workout to Blast Belly Fat

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The Best Strength Workout to Blast Belly Fat

Strength training do wonders for your body. More than you realize. When you decide to lift weights we all know we are trying to gain some lean muscle, but what you don’t know is the other good benefits from it. Like losing belly fat.

Belly fat is broken down into five groups which are:

type of belly fats

  1. Spare tire: This type of belly fat comes from mostly eating wrong foods and finding yourself in a position where you are not very active. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest types of belly fat to get rid of. Try to avoid eating sugar foods, which will transition into stored fat
  1. Stress: If you are a workaholic or seem to worry over everything you might find yourself with a stress belly from a not so wonderful thing called cortisol. You will mainly find this type of belly fat around your front in the belly button region, and may even be slightly hard to the touch.
  1. Pooch: A lot of mom’s that are dealing with this stubborn belly fat, even when you have a steady routine that includes working out.
  1. Mommy: It’s a mommy type of thing. When you become pregnant and deliver, your pelvic floor muscles become stressed, and sometimes they don’t snap back. A mommy belly will make you look like you might still be pregnant, but be soft to the touch.
  1. Bloated: Eating healthy is as important as maintaining an exercise routine. If you are usually skinny at the start of the day, and find yourself bloated by the time your day is over you are probably digesting foods that are not the best for you. And if this is not the case you could have allergies or sensitivities to certain foods or could be eating too much of one food group and not the others.

It’s time to rid yourself of the belly fat, and get a flatter tummy by using this five-move workouts from Hutchins. When you start this workout, you will notice it’s very face paced. You will transition from one workout to the other quickly, but only spend thirty hard seconds blasting these exercising moves before you get a ten second rest period.

Find below an instruction on how to do each of these strength workouts.

Dumbbell squats to shoulder press: Take a weight in each hand and bend knees to a squat of about 90 degrees. As you come up front the squat push the weights above your head. Your palms should face each other, straightening arms into a shoulder press.

Reverse lunge with biceps: Begin with your feet together while holding a dumbbell with each of your hands. Step back with your right leg going into a lunge, and perform a curl with your dumbbell. Alternate legs.

Push up Mountain climbers: On  the floor, do about three pushups and follow them by ten climbers.

Burpee to shoulder press: Holding your weights in your hands, place your hands on the floor. Jump your feet out into a pushup position, then jump back towards your hands, making your knees come to your chest. Try to keep that tummy sucked in to work your muscles harder.

Goblet Squat: Without touching your body, hold a dumbbell weight in front of your chin. Lower yourself into a deep plie squat. Make sure your feet are a touch wider than hip-distance apart with your toes pointing out.  When using the dumbbell you are strengthening your core.

There is no magical number about how often you should be doing these workouts, but you don’t want to keep doing the same thing over and over again, because our bodies adapt. When your body adapts you will start to plateau so it’s important to keep switching up your workout routines. Start slow, and add more as you start to feel you can handle more.

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