Why Water Is Important For Weight Loss

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Why Water Is Important For Weight Loss

Many people believe that there is a direct correlation between increased rates of water consumption and losing weight. One study reports that approximately half of US adults attempt to lose weight by increasing their daily water consumption (1). While there are weight loss benefits to drinking more water daily, simply drinking more water will not help you lose weight. However, regular exercise combined with increased water consumption can help to achieve a healthy body and promote weight loss. In this way, water is still an incredibly important part of stimulating weight loss. This article outlines several reasons why water is more important than exercise for weight loss.

Drinking Water Helps Burn Calories

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Drinking water has the ability to increase the number of calories you burn through a bodily process identified as resting body expenditure. Resting body expenditure is the amount of energy, usually expressed in food calories, required for a 24-hour period by the body during resting conditions (2). In adults, resting body expenditure was shown to increase within about 10 minutes of drinking half a liter of water. In another study, overweight women assessed what would happen to their weight if they increased their water consumption by a liter per day. They discovered that doing this over the course of a year caused about 4 pounds of additional weight loss. While these rates of weight lose are modest, there certainly is a correlation between drinking water and burning calories.

Drinking Water Can Reduce Appetite Prior to Meals

Many people believe that drinking water prior to eating a meal can reduce appetite and therefore cause them to eat less, allowing them to gain less weight. There is actually a significant amount of scientific proof behind this belief, especially evidence of middle age and older adults losing weight by drinking more water before meals. In one study, middle age overweight applicants who drank water prior to each of their meals lost more weight. This was compared to a group of applicants that failed to drink more water before meals. Another study found that drinking water in the morning before breakfast reduced the quantity of calories consumed during the meal. This evidence points to the fact that decreases in calorie intake eventually lead to weight loss, especially in middle age adults.

Drinking Water Can Reduced Calorie Intake and Lead to Less Weight Gain

Water itself is a naturally and calorie free beverage, and as a result, drinking it will not cause you to gain more calories. In fact, because water is calorie-free it has the ability to reduce calorie intake. Simply drinking water may not lead to a reduction of calorie intake, but if you replace water with other beverages you may see a positive result. Studies show those who drink mostly water – cutting out other beverages from their diet such as soda – have a lower calorie intake.  Drinking more water is also linked to preventing weight gain in the future. Generally, the average person gains about 3 pounds every 4 years due to certain bodily functions.

This amount can be decreased by:

  • Increasing daily water intake by a cup
  • Replacing other drinks with water

Advocating the replacement of sugary drinks with water is also important in preventing childhood obesity among adolescents. Children who drink more water than other beverages tend to live healthier and more active lives in their adolescence and middle age.

What is the recommended daily water consumption rate?

Numerous health and weight loss studies point to the recommended daily water consumption rate of eight glasses of water daily. However, this number is an average. Daily water consumption tends to rely heavily on the individual and their body’s health needs. For example, those who exert more physical energy and sweat on a regular basis may need to drink more water than the average daily rate to sustain healthy body functions.

There are also many food and beverages humans can get water from:

  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Milk
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables

Based on many studies, drinking an average of eight glasses of water every day should be enough to help the body lose weight and maintain a healthy physique.

This is the amount of water you should drink daily in several measurements:

  • Liters: 1-2
  • Ounces: 34-67
  • Glasses: 4-8

Again, these numbers are simply a guideline of consumption rates that will lead to weight loss. Many people need more than these rates, while others would be fine drinking water below these rates. Nevertheless, there are no significant downsides to drinking more water on a daily basis, and to maintain an overall healthy physique and lifestyle it is important that you consume regular amounts of water daily.